Arizona Wedding Destinations


One of the most fun defying and difficult features of organizing a great wedding is picking a great site. Not just the space, price and services must be kept in mind, but the atmosphere, beauty and quality of the facility should be taken into consideration before reserving a wedding site. If you want a wedding location in Arizona, then consider Tempe which is near Arizona State University and has numerous wonderful locations and choices. It is also close to Phoenix Sky Harbor so guests can easily get in and out with little effort. The weather in Tempe is superb during winter, spring and fall so even outdoor events and locations there can work really well.

The Shalimar Country Club

Shalimar Country Club is the idyllic place for those who need an open-air marriage, as it is enclosed by plush trees and has attractively trimmed courses. The ambience at Shalimar is delightful and inviting, and is combined just by the pleasantness of their staff. There is an on-site eatery at Shalimar, which provides a broad variety of cuisine and can furnish your wedding.

Furthermore, they provide an event expert who would assist you to plot the particulars of your wedding day must you reserve their site. Shalimar Country Club bids extremely affordably priced and give comprehensive packages. To obtain more info about charges, you can download their list of selections and fee guide at or contact them.

The Waterfront

The Waterfront is a special lakeside occasion and marriage service situated in Tempe, Arizona. They provide gorgeous sights of the outdoors of the close by Arizona State University, and the aptitude to style the furnishings inside their banquet halls. Moreover, The Waterfront provides linens and tables, so there is no need to discover an occasion rental company for these things.

When contemplating whether to pick The Waterfront as your marriage venue, bear in mind that they have a favored category of sellers and dealers, and there is a $250 charge for utilizing a caterer not on their favored category. The degree for use of The Waterfront for your marriage would rely upon the period of year, day of the week, span of the marriage and amount of guests. To obtain a rate offer, get in contact with The Waterfront by calling them, or heading over to their portal at

The Mission Palms Hotel

The Mission Palms Hotel is situated close to Arizona State University, in town center Tempe, Arizona. The atmosphere of this location is a combination of stylishness and Southwestern appeal, and they provide prizewinning cooking and a notable fine wine list. When you reserve Mission Palms Hotel as your marriage site, you will get aid from their internal wedding management team to assist you expertly and safeguard your big day so it works out without a problem at all.

Your visitors will relish the decoration of the hotel, and if you wish to keep your ceremony or reception out of doors, they will value the large views and weather of the Sonoran Desert and Phoenix Mountains. It is vital to understand that Mission Palms Hotel offers in-home catering, along with china and linens. The cost for this site relies upon the amount of visitors in your party. Call the Mission Palms Hotel staff to obtain information about obtainability and charges through a phone all, or head over to their website at

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Timeless Wedding

Timeless Wedding ceremony Robes

Discovering the perfect wedding dress is exciting, nevertheless it’s additionally probably the most tough components of planning your wedding. In spite of everything, you must select a mode that won’t make you cringe with regret when you flip by way of your marriage ceremony album twenty-and even two-years after the large day. Your instinct might be telling you to observe the current traits, but think of that feeling you get when you have a look at your mother’s ultra-puffy, totally ’80s costume. Do not let that be you.

And with wedding developments changing on a constant basis, it is all the time essential to keep up-to-date with the latest styles, which will certainly help in broadening your marriage ceremony costume horizons and offer you a clear thought of what to look for previous to shopping. Listed here are some top 2015 trends in marriage ceremony attire and bridal model.

We love lace wedding clothes ! and an increasing number of we are seeing pretty, girlie bridal style that suits the present rustic nation wedding or vintage impressed theme. The long-lasting dress nearly reworked Grace Kelly from Hollywood actress to royal princess. Six decades since her marriage ceremony to Prince Rainer III of Monaco, her dress continues to be very a lot remembered and hailed as a high level in fashionable trend history. The Sincerity Spring 2013 collection options many elegant wedding clothes that may make any bride really feel beautiful on her wedding ceremony day.

Countdown to bees wagging their fingers that this thread is prone to offend people who see their dress posted as an example of dated”. This physique-conscious style costume helps create the phantasm of a defined waist. Very fitted by means of the hips to the knee (assume pencil-skirt), the skirt then shoots straight down or out from that point. The dramatic flare is perfect for the glamorous bride.the ultimate guide to plus size wedding dress shopping

Each detail in an Essense of Australia gown is meticulously designed to give you the designer marriage ceremony gown of your goals. On the heart of each signature Essense robe is opulent material and beautiful beading that offers a various collection limousine of elegantly crafted designer marriage ceremony dresses. Styles range from a glamorous, draped Angel Satin to alluring lace to satin chiffon. Many gowns incorporate gorgeous, genuine Swarovski crystals and diamantes – every adding the right touch of shimmering, head-turning sparkle.

Traveling in Style – Wedding Limousines

Wedding Dress ClassicFlying back home seems really tiring and back breaking after your coming back from a busy business trip. You really feel arduous when you arrive at the airport and need to look for your car or a taxi to take you to your destination. You must feel frustratingly clamped between the airport crowds. Yes, there is a way to untangle yourself from the crowd and reach your home safely. Say hello to a limo and a chauffeur.

A Limo is perfect

If you like traveling in style and luxury, a ride home in a limo will be perfect to ease your tensions. The chauffeurs of the limo stick to their routines and will always be on time at the airport to pick you. They will pick you on time and then will drop you at your home with ease and safety, ensuring the most comfortable ride ever. With a limo and a chauffeur, you won’t have to pick your own heavy bags and drive the car, which can be tedious after you’ve arrived from a long journey. Leave it to the chauffeur. He will take care.

Other Options

A limousine cannot just be hired for the airport purpose only. It is most notably used for wedding couples, so they can have a relaxing time without worrying about anything. Only limousines are not available to take you for a ride but Bentley and Mercedes can also be hired. One thing to note is that you never feel as much proud, as sitting in a limo, because it is just another story. A limo has all the features for you to stretch long, lie down, drink to your heart’s content, and watch TV on a flat screen that comes with A DVD player. Fiber optics, a booming sound system and a walnut bar, what could you want more for a luxury ride. Be sure that with a limo, you can rest all along the journey without you ever feeling stuffy. There will be no stress and only calmness in your head and surrounding.

Why Choose a Limousine

Other than that you will ride in luxury and style, it must be kept in mind that a limo houses many people in, because there is space for a larger group of people. Some people like to take along their family and grandparents with them in the wedding journey, a limousine will come perfect for that. It doesn’t make anybody feel uncomfortable at all but adds more to everyone’s ease with its fantastic entertainment features. So, panic not at the long list of guests going with you, the limo has room for everybody. However, for even more luxury and space, bus limousines can also be availed.

A Limousine Will Be Different

All the guests and well-wishers will be in same cars, whereas the couple in a limousine will hold a kind of importance for everybody. The couple will be remembered for arriving in a limo, plus you will set a different image for yourself. If you really want to make an honorary and big entrance, a limousine will just be the thing for you. Also, if someone is following you all the way, your limousine will be a good sign for the guests to keep track of you.

Time Management

Your time management will prove to be excellent, if you have set a time frame for the limo and chauffeur to arrive. You will be able to coordinate according to the set time in your mind and you will know that when you should stand prepared to journey in a limousine. Late preparations and juggling between from one task to another will be eliminated if a proper time is fixed.


It is hard to drive a car on your busy day and concentrating on the road certainly will be last thing on your mind on your big day. A chauffeur will take such tasks from your hand and you won’t have to Continue reading

Wedding Parties – Planning and Making a Success

Once you decide upon your love partner, the next big step is to tie the knot so as to officially get linked to each other till death. Sounds romantic, hmmm, but what about the wedding arrangements? Who is going to organize and plan out everything? This is indeed tough work requiring lots of attention to every detail but don’t freak out yet, because we have got just the right tips you ought to follow to have a spectacular and memorable wedding bliss.

The Top Priorities to Follow

  1. You know that any social event calls for planning ahead of time and so does in the case of your wedding. There would be so many things to consider and get done, plus within your budget that you might panic if you won’t list down everything. There are dresses to think of, flowers can’t be ignored, guest list has to be compiled, lighting, music, food, and so on. If you skirt from listing down every single thing, you would for sure find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Better sit down first and jot down all the details.
  2. No need to be quiet about it, if you want some hype and fun in your wedding party; go for something creative and juicy to thrill your invitees to the core. Once, I remember, we received a wedding invitation written in camouflaged handwriting, giving the date and venue but no names. Till the ultimate message arrived, we couldn’t even guess who it was, and we all friends remained in suspense and buzz.
  3. Now comes the decoration part which is highly essential to be done in a creative way to make your wedding unforgettable. You can either go for a theme or anything else that hits your mind. This can be achieved inexpensively too if you can craft out some DIYs. Strive for décor that your guests marvel out on your aesthetic skills.
  4. Only great music can liven up your party. Music is the single source that brings joy to the hearts and coaxes a person to clap and dance and really get in the elated mood. Choose selective music that can boost up the whole effect of the passionate union of two souls. Your guests won’t recall the beautiful centerpieces from your wedding but only the ambience, if it is prodigious.
  5. Appropriate lighting is another sort of décor for your party. The correct shades, artificial or natural light, candles or laser lights, lighting is another source of brightening up your event in an exotic way. So, try out the innumerable choices available especially for such celebrations.
  6. This task also requires careful thinking. Whatever your theme or venue is, you have to ensure comfy seating for your guests. Make sure that the elderly people are in extra comfort. Then check their approach to the center stage, the dance floor, and the reception. Nobody should feel left out or uncomfortable.
  7. The food part is certainly no brainer. You know fairly well how important good food is and it is the chief source of attraction and fulfillment for the visitants. Fusion food is highly in demand these days and you can go eccentric with the choices. Still, remember to focus on those who can’t take spicy dishes. So, while selecting the menu, don’t forget the various palettes you’ll be serving, make them feel loved and thought of by arranging for excellently delicious food.
  8. The right seating task is extremely crucial too. Confirm that you don’t organize the seating arrangement by making your granny sit with your best friend’s BF. For proper seating arrangement, you’ll have to master the trick of understanding which person would be a suitable companion to the other. This act is very significant and needs full concentration but should be no problem if you place the similar aged people with similar interests, together in one place.
  9. Now this is totally if your location and situation allows it. Here also your creative nerves will have to exert to think of some games or fun activities for your guests to get mingled in. Then the games are going to be indoors or outdoors also depend on the venue. You can sort out those games and activities which do not create a mess and can be conveniently taken part in, by the visitors. You might organize races, bean bag toss, croquet, etc., and if the situation asks for indoor games, go for Table Topics. The choices are endless and full of fun.
  10. Finally, you need a steady and strong command on the whole event. Chalking it out is not so difficult, the issue is to see that everything goes on smoothly as planned and this necessitates a lot of attention and calmness too. I highly recommend hiring a planner if you are going for a grand and humungous party.

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Keeping Marriage Together by Managing Money Well

MoneyIt is no hidden fact that many marriages or relationships that fail are due to money problems, plus according to a survey, this is the top reason relationships end in the US. Even the happiest of marriages do go through money problems and money rebukes in their life. Whether you are in a relationship or in a blissful marriage, it is best for all of you to sit and have mature conservation regarding money, than ending up fighting like two year olds. You might think that money matters can never stop. Well, they can with a few tips.

Approach the Subject Lightly

Nobody’s telling you to start exploding and start asking all kinds of questions of money from your partner. It is best to broach the subject lightly. Ask politely whatever you want too. By respecting each other while talking, will certainly won’t end up in a scuffle. If you are really stricken to bring up the subject, I’ll tell you to make a quiz.

Make a Quiz

Write fun questions in the pop quiz, so it actually dawns upon your partner what you are talking about. You can ask the real questions in a fun way, so that there won’t be any strain between you two and the conversation will be ended in a pleasant manner. Remember, the questions should not be too strict or serious; your tone should be conversational.

Keep a Fix Date

Just as you schedule your important day’s event like seeing your doctor, going to your hairstylist, picking up children from the school and going for grocery Continue reading

Wedding Colors and Fabrics

Wedding Dress FabricsWhen you very well know that wedding is the most important and special day of your life, you plan to have a perfect wedding. So many arrangements, planning and thinking has to be done that the list seems to be endless and despite your timely arrangement, the whole situation depicts a chaotic scene in which the couples dread anything that might not work out accordingly. Then, the budget has to be kept in mind too, but despite all the hassle, you are energetic and lively till the end, just to achieve perfection in that glorious moment.

Although weddings are adored by every person all over the world, the main attraction or center of focus is always the bride and her bridal dress. The audiences anticipate the arrival of the bride and turn their eyes to her when she starts walking down the aisle. Even though, wedding traditions have changed over the period, still the thrill and excitement a girl feels for her best day holds the same value, whether it’s a beach wedding, destination wedding or a church wedding. That is why; we’ll talk about latest colors and fabrics being used in wedding dresses today.

In Trend Fabrics and Colors for Bride’s Dresses

The list of fabric and color choice is quite long when it comes to the selection of a trendy bridal gown. White lace dresses are very much in these days; however the dress designers are open regarding the fabric and hue. The material and shade of a dress depends a lot on the type of wedding you have planned. Supposing, you are planning out for a beach wedding, lace dress would be inappropriate. Here is a list of the in fabrics and colors to choose from.

Fabrics for Bridal Gowns

Batiste, Brocade, Charmeuse, Peau de Soie, Chiffon, Crepe, Damask,  Illusion, Duchesse Satin, Dupioni, Faille, Gabardine, Georgette, Jersey, Organza, , Pique, Polyester, Rayon, Moiré,  Satin, Silk, Silk Gazar, Silk Mikado, Organdy, Silk-faced Satin, Shantung, Taffeta, Tulle, Velvet.

Colors for Bridal Gowns

The virgin white is the most Continue reading

Wedding Dresses: How do you choose the right dress for you?

Wedding Dress 10Weddings are a fairy tale day for a number of brides to be.  The planning process of every little detail plays a big part in making sure that the mood and theme is set for the happiest of all occasions. You have your selection of venues and food that will satisfy your guest palate and entertainment.  You have your choice of limousine transportation that will accommodate you and your wedding party in the safest and most enjoyable way.   A lot of decisions are to be made to make sure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

The most intricate part of the wedding, and even more so the most special is the choosing of the bride’s wedding dress. The style and feel need to be just right for you, for that dress to be the perfect dress. How does a bride decide on her perfect wedding day attire, with so many selections to choose from?

Though there are many selections at varying prices, starting with herself the bride wants to decide how she wants to feel. How you feel in that right outfit makes all the difference in the world when you choose your attire.

Do you want to feel like a princess? Do want to look Continue reading